Making Trans -orama?

Transgender (trans) and gender nonconforming people are so much more visible in western societies than ‘we’ were just a decade ago. (I say ‘we’ because I am trans.)  We’re interviewed on cable news shows when an anti-trans legal/political setback possibly looms, we’re in the tabloids and all over the web if we are famous and ‘come out’ about it, and we are seen more frequently (or perhaps maybe for the first time ever) working for the same company that you do – maybe even in your same building or office.

-orama means ‘more conspicuous’ or ‘more than the usual number,’ and it comes from the Greek word horama, meaning ‘sight’ or ‘view.’  Transorama is about seeing and hearing from more of us who are openly transgender for the benefit of us all.

So many areas of a trans person’s life are affected by their decision to wake up and listen to their inner selves about their gender identity, accept it, and at some level reveal their true selves to others through acts of outward expression.  And likewise for persons who don’t identify with either of the binary gender categories, an equally significant, yet perhaps slightly different, set of areas of their lives are affected.

This Transorama blog is for starting or continuing discussions in many of these topic areas:

Livelihoods: Topics surrounding our most basic set of human needs – survival and safety – specifically those dealing with our jobs, money, food and shelter.  This first aspect of survival includes topics such as homelessness, getting jobs, and keeping jobs. Also, where those in authority over us are positioned along the spectrum of  suppressing us, to supporting us.  Our livelihoods depend on their INCLUSION of us.  Employers, in particular, need to realize that including us is just as important to their success as it is to our livelihoods.

Healings: Topics surrounding the second aspect of our most basic set of human needs – again, survival and safety – focusing on those that weigh heavy on us as citizens of free societies that supposedly have guaranteed equal protection under the law.  This aspect is about the safety of our physical beings and healing and fixing things that are still broken for us.

Heartstrings: Topics surrounding the next level of our human needs – love and belonging, our relationships, affections, and our deepest feelings of comfort and joy.

Attitudes and Blending: Topics related to our self-esteem needs and social interactions, via workplace or general public, where mixing and intermingling smoothly as our true selves is accepted, or not.  Note that blending is not about ‘blending in’ to ‘fit in’ – more to come on that one…

Sass: Topics that showcase how we can (or did) reach our full potential as transgender / gender nonconforming persons in spite of all additional obstacles.  Sass is literally answering back critics without reluctance or fear.

Trans-topography: Although most topic areas above have general worldwide applicability, others may delve into country- or region-specific differences.  Trans-topography is about highlighting the unique features surveyed in particular geographic localities.

Thank you for reading this first short introductory post here at transorama, and please come back again soon.